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Welcome to Metaverse Academy, where we’re dedicated to nurturing your artistic potential. Embark on a transformative journey in the world of creative arts with our exceptional courses. Our offerings span across animation, film making, photography, and visual effects, providing you with comprehensive learning experiences.

Degree in Animation

Shape Your Future with an Animation Degree in Chandigarh. Fusing Artistry and Technology through Our Animation Program.

Film Making & Photography

Ignite Your Filmmaking Passion with Courses Tailored to Your Ambitions Capture Moments and Stories through Photography Expertise

Metaverse & Gaming

Turn Your Love for Gaming into a Profound Career with Our Courses Dive into the Realm of Virtual Reality and Metaverse Creations

Turn Your Love of Gaming into a Career With Our Animation & Virtual Reality Courses

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Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) are essential in the world of movies and digital media.

Animation is when you make things look like they’re moving by showing a lot of pictures one after another. It can be done in many ways, like drawing by hand, using computers, or with models.

Video Editing and Photography are creative skills we teach in our course.

Video Editing is like putting together pieces of a puzzle to create a story on screen. You choose the best shots, add music, and make everything flow smoothly. 

Film making is like creating a big story using cameras and actors. It’s about planning, shooting, and editing to make a movie. In our course, you’ll learn how to make exciting films.

Direction is like being the captain of a movie ship.

Are you passionate about creating your very own video games? Our Chandigarh course in game development is the perfect place for you to learn the art. True power is in the fact that you can later on monetize your own games in the market. We welcome you to learn with us.

Have you heard about the Metaverse and Web 3.0? These are the exciting future of the internet, and our course in Chandigarh will introduce you to them.

The Metaverse is like a huge, immersive digital world where people can meet, play, work, and create together. 

Curious about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), special digital items? Join our Chandigarh course to learn about creating them.

In the course, you’ll discover making unique digital things that people can buy and own using blockchain technology. 

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  4. Learn from Industry Experts: AR/VR, 3D Space, Meta, P2E Games

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