Animation Courses, Degree, Admission 2023, Fees, Syllabus, Entrance Exam, Salary


Animation Courses, Degree, Admission 2023, Fees, Syllabus, Entrance Exam, Salary

For students interested in pursuing a career in the arts, animation courses are the perfect choice because they cover a wide range of topics. Characters are created by animators, who then bring them to life in a changing setting. Animators work in a variety of fields, such as entertainment, education, and military flight or battle simulators. 3D animators can add a magical or realistic edge to flat narrative stories by using specific technology. They can create their own business, go freelance, or work for an organization.
Both undergraduate and postgraduate animation courses are available to aspirants. In addition to this, candidates can study animation-related diploma and certificate programs. Online learning resources like Udemy, Coursera, and edX provide a variety of Animation Certificate Courses and Free Online Animation Courses, so you can also pursue courses related to animation there.
One needs to be creatively talented to work as an animator. However, it is also crucial for hopefuls to enroll in a program at a reputable college or university if they want to carve out a career in the animation industry. The cost of the training ranges from 50,000 to 5 lakh rupees.
Students can pursue careers as animators, texture artists, rigging artists, renderers, lighting artists, image editors, character animators, and special effects artists after finishing animation courses. Some of the well-liked animation courses include BSc Animation, BA Animation, and Bachelor of Visual Arts in Animation. Graduates with an animation degree often earn between INR 2 lakh and INR 4 lakh annually.
Animation degree & other animation courses after 12th – Admission Process, Eligibility, Course Fee, Career Prospects

Highlights of Animation Courses

 Nowadays, many people choose to become animators after completing their schooling. Animation classes are fun, educational, and extremely creative. They support applicants in developing a creative mindset.
The important points of the Animation course are listed in the table below for candidates’ reference.
Particulars Details
Course Level UG, PG, Diploma & Certificate
Course Duration 3 months – 4 years
Course Fee INR 20,000 – INR 5 lakh
Average Salary INR 1 – INR 5 Lakh
Job Profiles Animator, Art Director, Production Artist, Video Game Designer and so on
Top Recruiters

Acer, Accenture, Adobe Systems Pvt. Ltd, Amazon Global Vision, Google Vision, Google Inc, Pent media graphics, Maya Entertainment, Toonz Animation India, etc.

All About Animation Courses

Animation is the study of merely altering static images that are not identical to one another in order to produce the appearance of moving imagery. You must finish a bachelor’s or diploma program in animation to work as an animator. You can gain skills and stay current with animation trends by enrolling in online animation classes and earning certifications. Candidates should be proficient with software such Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Premiere, and others in addition to satisfying the minimum criteria.


Why Study Animation Courses?

  • After graduating from animation school, graduates have a wide choice of employment options across numerous industries. The degree of inventiveness is not fixed while taking the animation course.
  • The most contemporary animation techniques, such as 2D hand sketching, 2D and 3D computer-generated, stop motion, or model animation, can be used by aspiring animators to create animation sequences.
    Students studying animation may find employment as web designers, game designers, or 3D animators. The remuneration is between INR 2 and INR 4 lakhs per year.
  • Candidates may work for production firms, ad agency, game development studios, and other businesses. The need for animators increases as technology develops and the world becomes more digitalized. Pursuing an animation course is a beneficial career option due to the rising demand.


Who Should Study Animation Courses?

Since animation is one of the most sought-after disciplines, the majority of applicants select it after completing their study. There are many different job paths available in the animation industry. Particularly after finishing the graduation and post-graduation of the animation school, candidates are exposed to a variety of professions.
  • You must first complete a bachelor’s or diploma program in animation in order to become an animator. You can gain skills and stay current with animation trends by enrolling in online animation classes and earning certifications.
  • After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), students can enroll in courses leading to an Animation certification and seek a career as an animator.
  • The BA in Animation and Multimedia, BSc in Animation, BDes in Animation, Diploma in 2D/3D Animation, and Diploma in Animation and Filmmaking are popular animation degrees.
  • Animation will be beneficial to those who can more freely express their creativity.
B.Voc. in Animation and Graphics

Eligibility for Animation Programs

In India, there are a large number of institutions and universities that provide undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, diplomas, certifications, distance learning, and online courses in animation. Each course has prerequisites that a candidate must fulfill in order to be admitted into that course.
Candidates can review the eligibility requirements for animation below to have a better idea.
  • Candidates who successfully completed their Class 12 coursework in any of the three academic streams—science, commerce, or the arts—can enroll in a graduation-level animation course.
  • The majority of well-known universities, however, only allow applicants to participate in their admissions process if they have completed their education from a recognized board.
  • On the other hand, candidates must graduate from a recognized institute or university with a minimum percentage (often 45%–60%) in order to pursue a PG level Animation programme.

Animation Courses Syllabus 

 Every college has a different animation course curriculum. In addition, the subjects taught in any courses in this discipline that are provided depend on the degree that is awarded to candidates upon successful completion of the course. See the information below to get a sense of what candidates are taught in an animation course:
Syllabus of the BSc Animation Course
Candidates must have completed the 10+2 or an equivalent qualification and have a minimum overall score of 50% in order to be admitted to the BSc Animation program. The application process for BSc Animation varies from institution to institution. Students can view the table below to learn about the semester-by-semester subjects:
Semester Subjects
  • Animation Fundamentals
  • Elements of Information Technology
  • Culture & Design
  • 3D Animation
  • Technical English
  • Composing & Editing
  • Colour Theory
  • Visual Effects
  • Multimedia & Computer Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Colour Theory
  • Content Development
  • Production Process
  • Layout & Perspective
  • Introduction to 3D Animation & Modeling
  • Gaming Technology
  • Sketching and Landscaping
  • Drawing
  • Foundation Art
  • Production Process
  • Gaming Production
  • Introduction to Mass Communication & Media Literacy
  • Multimedia
  • Computer Graphics
B.Voc Animation & Multimedia

Animation Courses

In addition to the courses stated above, animation offers a number of diploma and short-term courses. The courses available in the discipline of animation are listed below.

Types of Animation Courses
  • BA in Animation and Multimedia
  • BA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation
  • BSc in Animation 
  • BSc in Animation and VFX
  • BA in Animation and Graphic Design 
  • Diploma in Digital Animation 
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts
  • Diploma in CG Animation 
  • BSc in Animation and Gaming 
  • Certificate in 2D Animation 
  • Certificate in VFX
  • Certificate in 3D Animation 

Animation Career Scope: Job Profiles, Salary & Top Recruiters

One of the most dynamic and quickly expanding industries in the world is animation. With a bachelor’s degree or higher, there are many opportunities for candidates in the animation industry. There are some important trends in the field of animation. New computer animation methods have emerged in comparison to conventional animation methods, altering how viewers look for animation.
Profiles of Animation Jobs 
Aspirants who want to work in the animation sector must be familiar with a variety of software, the requirements of the job, and emerging trends. Candidates can review the job profiles listed below if they want to pursue a career in animation.
Job Profiles Job Description Average Annual Salary (in INR)
3D Modeller A modeller builds 3D characters as well as environments basis concept art. He/she creates the model’s skin or surfaces, paints it and then wraps these 2D textures on a digital frame. 3 Lakh
Animator People working in this job profile create animation as well as visual effects for mobile devices, television, films and video games etc.  3.5 lakh
Flash Animator Flash Animators create animation for videos, websites, games, advertising and marketing, education materials, etc. 3.8 lakh
Stop Motion Animator Stop Motion Animators use puppets, clay or models to create animated films or television commercials.  3.3 lakh
Video Game Designer People in this job profile combine science, technology, engineering, mathematics, art, and design as well as animation skills to create realistic video games with adequate action.  3.9 lakh
Top Recruiters in Animation

The field of animation offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Particularly if they are highly qualified and devoted to their career, candidates are swiftly hired by a number of renowned recruiters and private businesses. Some of the best recruiters in the sector are listed below:

Top Recruiters for Animation Graduates


Google Inc

Amazon Global Vision

Pent media graphics


Maya Entertainment

Adobe Systems Pvt. Ltd

Reliance media works Ltd.

Google vision

UTV Toonz

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