Best Animation Institute in India


Best Animation Institute in India

Giving wings to the dreams of creative mind with the best animation institute in India.

At Metaverse Academy, we are committed to nurturing our student’s passion for creativity and mold it into a valuable asset, this making any Metaverse Academy student highly employable.

We offer courses in 2D/3D animation specialization, animation film making (advanced course), visual effects advanced and digital & motion graphics. Because we understand that things can sometimes get difficult.

We even offer flexible payment options for course fees with zero interest rates! And not only that, we also offer a 3-month live studio internship for hands-on experience, followed by 100% placement assistance for the deserving ones.

In this way, we provide a solid foundation for a thriving career in the media and entertainment industry for our students. Scroll down for an in-depth look!

Courses Offered by the Top Animation Institute in India

Grab all the amazing career options with the best animation academy courses and be one among the top animators!

Become an animation wizard with animation film making advanced

Delve into the world of animation film making and learn cutting edge skills that will pave your way in the industry.

Top Animation Course in Chandigarh by Metaverse Academy is the process of creating the illusion of motion and change by means of the rapid display of sequential images that minimally differ from each other.

It is the process that creates moving images that can be combined with other images, sound, and other sensory information.

Animation can be used to create images and effects in order to tell a story or to entertain and inform. It is an art form in its own right, as well as part of the creative and performing arts.

Hands-On Training in the Latest Software and Techniques

At Metaverse academy, students receive hands-on training in the latest software and techniques used in the visual effects industry.

The academy has state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest hardware and software, including Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, and Nuke. Students learn how to create 3D models, animate characters, create visual effects, and composite shots.

Metaverse academy also offers specialized courses in areas such as motion graphics, character animation, and visual reality.      

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