Career In Animation – Everything You Need To Know

Career In Animation – Everything You Need To Know

A career in Animation after class 10th/12th

Dreaming of an Animation career? Begin your journey after 12th grade for the perfect head start. Unsure about a Bachelor’s in Media Graphics & Animation versus a diploma? Animation is the art of motion and illusion, depicting images in rapid sequence. Discover how you can shape an animation career after 10th or 12th.


Animation in India yields lucrative salaries and fresh digital-age opportunities. Embrace the diversity of roles animation offers. Post 12th grade, all streams—science, commerce, or arts—can pursue animation courses. Your path to a dynamic and rewarding animation career starts here.

After 12th Animation Courses in India: Shape Your Future

Navigating adulthood, career choices stand as paramount decisions. Students face the crucial juncture after completing the 12th standard – selecting the right professional path. Diverse career avenues beckon, enabling students to align their passions with their futures. For those drawn to animation and VFX, the post-12th phase opens the door to exciting possibilities.

Eligibility for Animation Degree Programs:
  • A minimum 50% score in the 12th standard.
  • Successful completion of 10+2 from a recognized board in any stream: science, commerce, or the arts.

Certificate Courses After 12th (2023-24):

Certificate courses offer foundational knowledge for entry-level roles in animation. A notable example is the 15-month Specialization Program in 3D/VFX. While shorter than degree programs, certain employers consider graduates of certificate courses for internships, contributing to valuable work experience.

Animation Eligibility for Certificate Courses

  • Certificate courses are also available to students who have finished the tenth grade.
  • The duration of this course varies between 3-6 months, depending on the institute.

Animation Diploma Courses Post 12th (2023-24): Shape Your Future

Diploma courses provide a viable avenue for students unable to pursue graduate degrees. Typically spanning one year, the duration may vary between institutions. Some institutes even offer accelerated six-month diplomas. Notably flexible, the course duration is institute-dependent. Embrace the opportunity to build essential skills within a compressed timeframe.


Paving the way for diverse career paths, animation diploma courses empower you to explore your creative potential. While the animation diploma fees fluctuate based on the chosen institution, the investment is undoubtedly in your future. Choose the right path to cultivate your talents and launch into a rewarding animation career.


Eligibility for Animation Diploma Courses

In a top-rated animation VFX training institute in India like Metaverse Morph art, students can apply for the following

A PG program like Master Program in Rigging & Animation.

  • Only architecture, technology, and engineering graduates are admitted to institutes like IDC, IIT, and NID so others can learn about architectural 3d courses from Metaverse.
  • The minimal educational requirement for this course is a 12th-grade diploma or equivalents like Expert Program in Graphic, Broadcast, and Social Media Design.
  • To pursue post-graduation, a graduate student, preferably an art student.

Enrolling in Animation Courses After 12th Grade: Your Guide

Enrolling in Animation courses after the 12th grade is a streamlined process in India. Institutions offer a range of options, from certifications to master’s degrees, accommodating different preferences and aspirations.

  • Portfolio Showcasing: Compile a portfolio of your artwork to showcase your creative flair and talent.

  • Research and Choose: Explore various institutes offering animation courses and determine the best fit for you.

  • Application Procedure: Each institute has its own application process, but the core steps remain similar.

  • Portfolio Submission: Certain institutes require submission of creative portfolios during the application process.

  • Entrance Exams: Some institutes may conduct entrance exams to evaluate your readiness for specific courses.

  • Eligibility: Completion of the 12th grade is a primary eligibility criterion for admission.

  • Admission Criteria:

    While there isn’t a universal entrance exam post-12th, certain elite institutions may hold entrance exams to ensure alignment with course requirements.

Embark on your animation journey by researching your options, preparing your portfolio, and following the admission process tailored to your chosen institution. Your passion for animation will propel you toward a rewarding and creative career.

The Best Job-Oriented Animation Courses After 12th

3D Animation Diploma: The year-long Diploma in 3D Animation spans two semesters, enhancing your animation skills. This program equips you to create and conceptualize characters for cartoons, video games, graphic design, and visual arts. Furthermore, it sharpens your computer animation prowess, providing a solid foundation in this dynamic field.

Animation B.Sc.: An undergraduate program in Animation, the B.Sc. in Animation spans three years and six semesters. This comprehensive course delves into animation and multimedia through both theoretical and practical instruction. Students explore 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, and digital art, preparing them for a thriving career in the industry.


In Conclusion

This guide sheds light on the array of animation courses available. Embrace the promising prospect of a rewarding career in animation, where your skills will be handsomely rewarded. Metaverse is here to turn your animation aspirations into reality. Choose from our diverse courses to pave the path to your dream career post-12th standard. Your journey to the world of animation awaits!

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