Professional Photography Course in Chandigarh

We are offering Professional Photography course in Chandigarh. Photography is the most popular medium of capturing all the precious and memorable moments of life. This course will prepare students for the professional world and groom them to enter the industry with all new and practical experience. Team of highly qualified and reputed Guest Lecturers will help students to understand the commercial aspects of professional photography course in Chandigarh.

About Professional Photography

A professional photography course in Chandigarh typically provides students with the technical and creative skills necessary to become a professional photographer. These courses may be offered at the undergraduate or graduate level, or as a vocational program through a photography school or institute.

Some common topics covered in a professional photography course in Chandigarh may include:

  • Camera and equipment operation: Students learn how to operate various types of cameras and other photographic equipment, as well as how to choose the right equipment for a given situation.

  • Lighting techniques: Students learn how to work with natural and artificial lighting, and how to use lighting to create mood and enhance composition.

  • Composition: Students learn about the principles of composition and how to use them to create visually compelling images.

  • Image editing and post-production: Students learn how to use photo editing software to enhance and manipulate images, as well as how to manage digital files and archives.

  • Business and marketing: Students learn about the business side of photography, including marketing and branding, contracts and negotiations, and building a portfolio and client base.

Professional Photography Course in Chandigarh

Content of Professional Photography Course in Chandigarh

Duration of Course :- 6 months and 12 months, Eligibility :- 10th and 12th pass

  • The first four weeks covers the basics of DSLR and composition. Students get introduced to elements of photography and rigorous assignments are given and evaluated by the faculty.
  • Basics of Camera, History of Camera, Understanding camera functions and use of the camera in a creative manner.
  • Understanding visual concepts, compositions and ways to look at imagery. Dealing with the camera in various situations.
  • Understanding Studio Lights, lighting techniques, ways to handle various studio light accessories, Flash Photography. Understanding portraiture and understanding still life studio photography.
  • First module prepares the student for the further classes
Professional Photography Course in Chandigarh
  • Starting with photoshop basics, students will explore different types of photography like street, event, architectural and landscape
  • Commercial photography, conceptual photography in advertising and corporate photography. Understanding and relevance of teamwork in advertising photography, understanding how to deliver as per client requirement.
  • People and fashion photography. Understanding the difference between real life Model photography and glamour photography. Understanding the relevance of styling, make up, hair styling as a director of photography. Relevance of team work in fashion and people photography.
  • Photojournalism, Photo stories, Breaking news and captioning. Social documentary and documentary photography.
  • The advanced module covers extensive lighting required for product, studio and fashion photography.
  • Wedding Photography, Art Photography, architecture photography, understanding the mediums and the relevance of each specialization.
  • Post processing of images in photography and its relevance, one month expert guidance for using Photoshop as an enhancement tool in photography. How to make image correction and edit the images for final use.
  • Specializations in photography and how to choose your direction and area of specialization as a professional, how to create a portfolio choosing ones area of preference and how to focus on a direction and specialization.
  • Students complete their course with a strong portfolio

Career Professional Photography course in Chandigarh.

Career opportunities in Diploma in Professional Photography course in Chandigarh include professional practice with newspapers, magazines and digital media houses; empanelment with select advertising agencies, brands, corporates, industrial houses; freelance in their area of interest such as fashion photography, advertising, portraiture, architecture, wildlife photography and documentary.

Photographers are at times, paid a certain amount of money for each picture that they shoot or paid an hourly rate or salary. Their earnings or salaries can vary depending on their experience and talent.

Our 6 months advance Diploma in Professional Photography course in Chandigarh aims to equip you with the necessary information and skills that can help you to turn your passion into a great career opportunity. Being a top ranked Chandigarh Academy of Photography, enrolling for our course enables you to enhance the basic photography skills that you might be already possessing and learn the finer nuances of the this creative subject.

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