Python Course in Chandigarh

Metaverse academy provides Best Python Course in Chandigarh which offers project based Python Training by corporate trainers. We provide 100% job placement assistance and study material for our Python Course in Chandigarh. We are the best Python Training Center in Chandigarh da which provides in depth knowledge about developing Python Projects.

Our Python course in Chandigarh syllabus is framed by our Industry experts. This Python and Django course content covers all the latest topics from basics to advanced level like Python for Machine Learning, AI, Web development and Data Science.


Python Course in Chandigarh-Our Python course in Chandigarh syllabus is framed by our Industry experts. This Python and Django course content covers all the latest topics from basics to advanced level like Python for Machine Learning, AI, Web development and Data Science.

Scope of Python

The scope of Python course in Chandigarh refers to the parts of a program where a variable can be accessed. In Python, the scope of a variable is determined by where it is defined within the code. Python Course in Chandigarh has two types of scope: global and local.

  • Global scope refers to variables that are defined outside of any function or class. These variables can be accessed from anywhere within the code, including inside functions and classes.
  • Local scope refers to variables that are defined within a function or class. These variables can only be accessed from within that function or class.
Python Course in Chandigarh

Content of Python Course in Chandigarh

Duration of Course :- 6 months and 12 months, Eligibility :- 10th and 12th pass

Module 1: An Introduction to Python
  • What can Python do?
  • Why Python?
  • Good to know
  • Python Syntax compared to other programming languages
  • Python Install
Module 2: Beginning Python Basics
  • The print statement
  • Comments
  • Python Data Structures & Data Types
  • String Operations in Python
  • Simple Input & Output
  • Simple Output Formatting
  • Operators in python
Module 3: Python Program Flow
  • Indentation
  • The If statement and its’ related statement
  • An example with if and it’s related statement
  • The while loop
  • The for loop
  • The range statement
  • Break &Continue
  • Assert
  • Examples for looping
Module 4: Functions& Modules
  • Create your own functions
  • Functions Parameters
  • Variable Arguments
  • Scope of a Function
  • Function Documentations
  • Lambda Functions& map
  • n Exercise with functions
  • Create a Module
  • Standard Modules
Module 5: Exceptions Handling
  • Errors
  • Exception handling with try
  • handling Multiple Exceptions
  • Writing your own Exception
Module 6: File Handling
  • File handling Modes
  • Reading Files
  • Writing& Appending to Files
  • Handling File Exceptions
  • The with statement
Module 7: Classes In Python
  • New Style Classes
  • Creating Classes
  • Instance Methods
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Exception Classes & Custom Exceptions
Module 8: Generators and iterators
  • Iterators
  • Generators
  • The Functions any and all
  • With Statement
  • Data Compression
Module 9: Data Structures
  • List Comprehensions
  • Nested List Comprehensions
  • Dictionary Comprehensions
  • Functions
  • Default Parameters
  • Variable Arguments
  • Specialized Sorts
Module 10: Collections
  • namedtuple()
  • deque
  • ChainMap
  • Counter
  • OrderedDict
  • defaultdict
  • UserDict
  • UserList
  • UserString
Module 11: Writing GUIs in Python (Tkinter)
  • Introduction
  • Components and Events
  • An Example GUI
  • The root Component
  • Adding a Button
  • Entry Widgets
  • Text Widgets
  • Check buttons
Module 12: Python SQL Database Access
  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • DB Connection
  • Creating DB Table
  • COMMIT & ROLLBACK operation
  • handling Errors
Module 13: Network Programming
  • Introduction
  • A Daytime Server
  • Clients and Servers
  • The Client Program
  • The Server Program
Module 14: Date and Time
  • sleep
  • Program execution time
  • more methods on date/time
Module 15: Few more topics in-detailed
  • Filter
  • Map
  • Reduce
  • Decorators
  • Frozen set
  • Collections
Module 16: Regular Expression
  • Split
  • Working with special characters, date, emails
  • Quantifiers
  • Match and find all
  • character sequence and substitute
  • Search method
Module 17: Threads ESSENTIAL
  • Class and threads
  • Multi-threading
  • Synchronization
  • Treads Life cycle
  • use cases


Module 18: Accessing API ESSENTIAL
  • Introduction
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Openweather

Python Course in Chandigarh

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