BVoc Digital Media & Animation (DMA) is a three-year vocational degree programme that trains and equips students to be animators and designers of games, immersive media technologies, and digital and traditional art. Upgrade your skills with our most sought-after Specializations. Learn to elevate your creativity and bring your innovation into the application.  We the best collages for Degree in Animation in Chandigarh & Punjab

The students are introduced to various techniques and technology related to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Character Design, 2D and 3D Animation, etc. The industry connections, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and experienced faculty give the students an opportunity to interact with the best and the latest technologies and ideas while various festivals give the students a chance to experiment with and showcase their creativity.

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The B.Voc in Animation and VFX Design is a career-focused degree that trains students in every aspect of film production and visual effects. The curriculum includes 3D modeling, digital sculpting, character animation, and rotoscoping.

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Eligibility for B.Voc. Animation and VFX Design

Eligibility :Students should have a degree in 10+2 or its equivalent.

They must have 50% marks in the qualifying examination. 

Admission :On the basis of Written Entrance Examination and Personal interview

Those who have completed diploma courses in related fields may apply as well. 

Syllabus of Bachelor of Vocational (B.Voc.) Animation and VFX Design

1 Year OR 1st & 2nd Semester Syllabus of Bachelor of  Vocational (B.Voc.) Animation and VFX Design


  1. 2D Digital Animation
  2. Script Writing
  3. Food, Nutrition & Hygiene Co-Curricular
  4. Storytelling
  5. Material Animation

2nd Year OR 3rd & 4th Semester Syllabus of Bachelor of  Vocational (B.Voc.) Animation and VFX Design


  1. Photography
  2. 3D Animation
  3. Character Design Concepts
  4. Layout Design Concepts
  5. Radio Jockeying & Programme Production

3 Year OR 5th & 6th Semester Syllabus of Bachelor of  Vocational (B.Voc.) Animation and VFX Design


  1. 3D Dynamics
  2. Photorealistic Lighting & Rendering
  3. Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness
  4. Photorealistic Lighting & Rendering
  5. Fluid Simulation & Plugins
  6. Sound Design

Career Opportunities and Job Prospects of B.Voc. Animation and VFX Design

Having a bachelor’s degree in any subject will enable you to find employment in the animation industry. This is because many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree. A B.Voc. in Animation and VFX Design will open up a variety of career opportunities in the industry, including working for large studios, producing television shows, and even starting your own business. Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree in this field will make it easier for you to secure financing for your own projects.


Various Job roles for B.Voc in Animation:


  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • 2D/3D Animator
  • 2D/3D Designer
  • AV Editor
  • Technical Trainer
  • 3D Modeler
  • Multimedia Programmers
  • Compositors
  • Visualizers
  • Content Developer
  • Pre and Post Production executives
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