MetaVerse Academy’s enduring triumph is rooted in an unwavering dedication to excellence across all facets of Animation Education, upheld by unyielding quality benchmarks.
  • A Trusted Brand for 25 Years, Assuring Comprehensive Career Support and Job Placement.
  • Our curriculum remains current, shaped by industry insights, grooming industry-ready graduates.
  • Guided by a seasoned academic team, students thrive through the latest technology, advanced equipment, and invigorating teaching methods, guaranteeing top-tier education.
  • Courses stem from meticulous research by our accomplished faculty and a globally renowned Advisory Board.
  • Metaverse courses serve diverse demographics – students, professionals, and homemakers – fostering career growth, global placements, and skill enhancement.
  • Embrace India and Abroad Opportunities, Catering to Diverse Careers and Freelancing.
  • Engage in technology-driven learning with our Learning Management System (LMS) and e-learning tools.
  • Aligned with industry standards, our curriculum is meticulously designed and imparted.
  • Programs led by esteemed faculty and industry experts.
  • Practical, interactive training employing real-time examples cements understanding and skill acquisition.

Our Support

Guidance for National/International Students’ Enrollment. We facilitate accommodation bookings for both national and international travelers in close proximity to our campus. Hostel Arrangements: For scholars seeking hostels, our network spanning eight years enables us to find suitable lodging options based on their budgetary preferences.


Loan Application Support: Leveraging our experience in aiding students with educational loans, we provide comprehensive documentation to streamline your loan application process. Loan approval, however, hinges on the discretion of the bank and your economic circumstances.


Our Foundation Meta Academy thrives in the creative education and production sector, backed by a well-qualified Board of Directors with diverse creative backgrounds. This diversity enriches program design and educational offerings. Our technically proficient board innovates, researches, and designs education and creative content products.

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