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Who We Are

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Job Oriented Skilled Course after 10th &12th. 3D Animation & Visual Effects

  • Welcome to the Metaverse Academy of Gaming and Metaverse, an acclaimed gaming college in India that stands tall as an ISO certified institute. With over a decade of pioneering experience in Gaming, Film Making, Animation, Visual Effects, Photography, and VR/AR, we have earned our stripes in the industry. Join us to explore the realms of 3D Animation, Gaming, Film Making, and Metaverse Courses in the vibrant city of Chandigarh.

  • Our commitment to Job Oriented Courses post 10th & 12th is unwavering, setting you on a path to a fulfilling career. In Punjab and across the globe, 3D animation studios have harnessed the power of animation for marketing and advertising, elevating brands to new heights.

  • Unlock the door to a future you’ll adore in Animation and Gaming. Our programs captivate ambitious animators, and we take immense pride in our Animation Institute in Mumbai, where our experienced professionals enrich student skills with top-notch education and training.

  • As advocates of hands-on learning, we offer apprenticeship training, and our 100% Placement Record echoes our commitment to your success. With the demand for secure careers at an all-time high, our institute is the beacon of opportunity.

  • Discover the universe of 3D Animation, Gaming, Film Making, and Metaverse Courses in Chandigarh. Our courses are tailored to the modern job landscape, and our expertise in Animation, Game Design, and Visual Effects is second to none. Join the ranks of our thriving community and launch into a future filled with promise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate skill-based systems for effective knowledge delivery, empowering young professionals with dedication and excellence across all life domains. Through comprehensive assessment, we prepare students for the animation, film, and AR/VR industry. Our passionate management shares your Animation & Media Tech zeal, ensuring the utmost in Animation Education.



We’re committed to creating an engaging institute environment by fostering creativity, acknowledging diligence, and embracing merit

Our Vision​

A premier institution aspiring to be an epicenter of educational excellence. Nurturing top-tier Animation professionals who drive knowledge advancement in their domains. Elevating standards in our chosen field relentlessly. Leading in meeting the surging skill demands of the Digital Media Education sector.

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